In this game your objective is to survive as long as possible.Arrow keys move your player, press P to pause and unpause. In this game you have three lives to start, you are the blue monster truck, if you run into a car, bus, or house you lose a life.If you lose all your lives you lose. You can regain lives by picking up a wrench, or rather, a repair. As the game progress you gradually lose speed. If your speed reaches 0 (your speed starts at 50) you lose. You can refuel back to 50 speed by picking up a fuel tank, or rather, a refuel. Repairs and refuels are scattered across the map. One more thing, good luck and have fun! P.s. This is my first game so please no hate.

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Published 1 year ago


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Sorry about that, I have a start button but this thing doesn't show it. I will work out the bugs. Thank you for your time.

Ok, I like the game but could you put a restart button at the end of the game? Thank you.